From Him, to Him


Being thankful; appreciating someone or something in a way or another.

Yes, it is fairly easy to be thankful for anything and everything. You’re thankful because you’ve completed your homework. You’re thankful for having your loved ones by your side to spend the weekend. And you’re thankful because you can buy the things that you’ve been wanting. These thankful feelings come by, unfortunately, when you feel happy. When was the last time you’re thankful despite the bad circumstances. Thankful because despite being sick, you can still walk to the clinic to get yourself checked. Thankful because your beloved one is still alive even though he is in critical condition. And thankful because you feel better the next day after breaking down. We indeed are humans. We forget to be thankful when we’re faced with bad and upsetting situations. And when these cases occur, we question God : “Why does this tragedy happen to me?” Oddly, we never question God when something good happens to us : “Thank you God, but what good have i done to deserve it?”

God has promised us that He will never give a problem that is too heavy for us to face. He also promised us that He will be by our side when humans can’t help you.

I just want to recall few simple and small moments that deserve my appreciation.

I am thankful for the family that i am being borne into.

I am thankful that i am not sick.

I am thankful i can receive education.

I am thankful for the roof over my head and food on the table.

I am thankful.

That i am still alive.

How long will i be thankful for the following. Thankful that God has granted me these basic necessities for me to be me and for me to live in ease. For that, i am fearful. Fearful that I will eventually forget my Creator when i am showered with luxury. Fearful that i lose myself – my identity, my family and my roots. And fearful of becoming a monster who encompasses a list negative traits which will greatly affect people around me. People who will eventually come to dislike me for the monster i am. People who will eventually leave as i change for the worse. Being thankful should not an obligation – instead, a habit. A habit that will bring us closer to God. And closer to Heaven. With just this mere feeling of appreciation, positivity will be the guiding light to many beautiful things in life – especially when you’re thankful under bad and saddening situations. In such cases, one ought to know that He challenges you because He loves you a little bit more than the others. And thus, should you be thankful for His love despite your negligence to Him. Should you feel apologetic after reading, fear not to repent for you still feel remorse for your wrongdoings. And you feel remorse because He still cares for you; wanting you to return to the rightful path.

I am grateful for everything, my Creator. This feeling of thankful comes from You and i am thankful to You.